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2024-01-25 08:51:56

【Technical News】The application and value of Nitrogen in Laser Cutting

Do you know nitrogen is as an important auxiliary gas for cutting process in laser cutting?

Highlights important advantageous features when using nitrogen for laser cutting:

Anti-oxidation properties

When nitrogen is used as an auxiliary gas, it forms a protective atmosphere around the melted metal, preventing the material from being oxidized and avoiding the formation of an oxide film, thus achieving oxidation-free cutting. The oxidation-free cutting surface is characterized by the ability to be fused and coated directly, and high corrosion resistance. In addition, nitrogen as an auxiliary gas can also whiten the cut end face and improve the quality of the cutting surface.


Enhance cutting efficiency

Nitrogen is also used in the laser cutting industry to improve cutting efficiency. Due to the high thermal conductivity of nitrogen.It can quickly take away heat from the cutting area, making the cutting process more rapid and efficient. In addition, nitrogen as an auxiliary gas prevents the adhesion of slag, making the cutting surface smoother and reducing the difficulty and time of subsequent grinding and polishing.

Test under conditions that ensure the quality of plate cutting, 1.5mm plate air cutting for 17m/min however nitrogen cutting can reach 35m/min, it’s easy to double your productivity. The cutting quality is even higher than the compressed air, and is more than 3 times speed oxygen cutting.


Reduce the cost of nitrogen

Through the optimization of professional PSA laser cutting nitrogen generator, users can reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Such as liquid nitrogen costs, bottled nitrogen replacement wastes labor costs, etc. Laser cutting nitrogen generator can reduce production costs and increase efficiency, it is not only improving cutting speed but also the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free, reducing grinding. 

Nitrogen in the laser cutting industry promote sustainable development, to meet the pursuit of environmental protection, efficient production methods. Laser cutting with nitrogen reduces environmental pollution and human harm.


Application and instructions of laser cutting nitrogen unit in actual production:


Nitrogen purity in different cutting applications

Different nitrogen purity is also an important factor affecting its application effect in the laser cutting industry. High purity nitrogen can ensure the stability of the cutting process, Avoid problems such as reduced cutting surface quality due to the presence of impurities.

Nitrogen cleanliness of laser cutting nitrogen machine is very high (i.e., low water and oil content) to protect the laser machine components. It can also used to cool the laser cutting head and focusing mirror, to extend its service life.


Nitrogen pressure in the cutting selection

Nitrogen supply and pressure control affect the cutting effect in production. For optimal results, a stable supply and proper pressure need to be ensured. Depending on the cutting requirements and material characteristics, the pressure and flow rate need to be adjusted.


Safety instructions for nitrogen application in laser cutting industry

Laser cutting can pose a risk of injury to operators due to high temperatures and energy involved. Therefore, the operator need to wear protective equipment and follow safety rules. To take full advantage of nitrogen, it is important to choose the appropriate supplier, ensure the purity of nitrogen, make reasonable nitrogen flow adjustment, and ensure life safety.

Operators must continually being training new skills to keep up with developments in the laser cutting industry. The green application of nitrogen in this industry promotes environmental protection, as its inert nature does not produce harmful gases during use and significantly reduces environmental hazards, especially when handling highly contaminated materials.

Nitrogen has a wide range of value in the laser cutting industry, using specialized equipment to improve product quality. Reduce costs and increase competitiveness. 

Companies follow the industry development trends of nitrogen technology, strengthen cooperation with suppliers and scientific institutions to play their advantage. This application has also given rise to new business and service models. Such as customized nitrogen services, which meet customer's individual needs and bring new business opportunities to the enterprise.


With the progress of nitrogen technology and the expansion of application areas, the laser cutting industry will be more widely and deeply applied. Enterprises need to keep abreast of technology trends and innovate to meet market demand and industry development.

Related industries such as suppliers, manufacturers and R&D organizations benefit from the application of nitrogen in the laser cutting industry and provide support to the industry. 

This interaction helps to promote the improvement and development of the whole industry system. As an compressed air system expert, EPSEA will provide you customize and better nitrogen solutions.

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