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2024-03-28 20:40:07

【EPSEA NEWS】EPSEA at 2024 Air Compressor Industry Congress Indonesia

EPSEA exclusively title sponsorship 2024 Air Compressor Industry Congress (ACIC) Indonesia was grandly opening.


On March 28th, EPSEA's exclusive title sponsored 2024 ACIC was held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As the largest economy in ASEAN, Indonesia is a dynamic and promising market where many multinational companies have set their sights under the great attraction in the global market.

As one of the key partners of ACIC and an excellent supplier in the field of compressed air system ,  Int' Regional Director of EPSEA, Jeffrey Chiang and head of Indonesia Warehouse Center Damon Liu led the elite team of Indonesia branch to participate in the meeting. 

ACIC brought together well-known Chinese air compressor brands, nearly 100 local distributors and agents in Indonesia and industry elites to discuss the cooperation and development of the air compressor industry.

During the congress, EPSEA made a wonderful appearance. Showcasing The Gen 6 Super Gold  Air Dryers and Spare Parts. Damon Liu shared the comprehensive development history of Super Great Factory-EPSEA, including technological innovation, manufacturing strength, full chain products, global sales network and after-sales service system.

As well as the layout of the local warehouse center in Indonesia. The distributors on the spot were very interested after listening to the wonderful speech of EPSEA, and actively sought for further communication, looking forward to establishing a closer cooperation relationship with EPSEA.

In the exhibit area of this conference, EPSEA products attracted a lot of attention, GEN 6 SUPER COLD AIR DRYER and spare parts won the praise of customers.

As the "Belt and Road Initiative" and "RCEP" continue to develop, Southeast Asia, especially ASEAN, stands out as the region with the most dynamic and fastest-growing economy among the countries or regions participating in the construction of the "Belt and Road Initiative." 

Simultaneously, the opening up and cooperation between China and ASEAN under the RCEP framework have become increasingly vital, playing a crucial role in the new era of globalization.

EPSEA takes the platform of ACIC Indonesia to further expand and stabilize its brand influence in Southeast Asia and even in the global market.


Taking this opportunity, EPSEA Indonesia integrates the advantageous resources of China and India, joins hands with Indonesia's air compressor industry to expand the international market, and builds a solid bridge of cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win situation, which not only promotes the economic prosperity of both sides, but also facilitates the exchange and integration of cultures, and writes a brilliant chapter of the new era together.

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