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2024-01-15 14:29:26

【EPSEA NEWS】EPSEA New Year Gala & Global Sales Training Conference 2024 Ended Perfectly

The 4-day EPSEA New Year's Gala and Annual Global Sales Training Conference was successfully held in Wuping, Fujian China from January 10-13, 2024.

Over 500 employees from global branches, Guangdong R&D & Marketing Center, and Fujian Manufacturing Center attended. Colleagues who were unable to attend due to their work on the front line also participated in the meeting via live broadcast. They experienced the joy of the company's growth and development, witnessed the remarkable achievements of 2023, and shared their expectations and outlook for 2024.

This year's annual meeting includes seven main components: Sales Training Conference, Sports, Leadership Speeches, Personnel Appointments, Recognition of Excellence, Art Performances, and Lucky Draws.

Sales Training Conference

The company's top management, technical backbone team, and heads of global branches are responsible for brand strategy, R&D production, product planning, technical training, global marketing, and domestic and international business. During the event, global sales representatives will share their expertise and participate in Q&A sessions on R&D, technology, production, and sales.

After three days of training, we have gained a deeper understanding of the company's brand, technology, products, and services. We returned home feeling fully equipped.

Sports Competition

To boost staff morale and foster camaraderie, the Fujian factory organized noon-time tug-of-war and basketball games. The event was filled with warmth and cheers.

Annual Review

Looking back to 2023, it was a year full of challenges, but also one of enterprise. We made extraordinary achievements in every important area of enterprise development, such as technological innovation, hardware upgrading, channel improvement, and talent expansion.
Leader's Speech

Mr. Xie Junjun, the General Manager of EPSEA Manufacturing Center, showed us the manufacturing achievements of the past 1 year and the goals and plans for 2024. The aim is to improve quality, efficiency, and production capacity.

Mr. Lin Peifeng, the president of the group, shared the company's achievements in 2023 and expressed his appreciation for the staffs. Despite the overall market downturn, the company achieved a 23.6% revenue growth, obtained 12 patents, and won 8 municipal and provincial honors. Mr. Lin has created a comprehensive plan for the year 2024, outlining the development and layout of the 50,000 square meter production base of the second factory. The goal is to achieve a new level of quality, efficiency, and production capacity. Mr. Lin created a comprehensive plan for 2024, including the development of a 50,000 square meter production facility. The goal is to complete construction and begin production in the fourth quarter. The company will continue to expand globally, with plans to establish three additional sales and service branches domestically and open warehousing and service centers in five countries. The upcoming year promises to bring new opportunities and growth.

The chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Lin Peiquan, delivered a speech at the annual EPSEA Gala. He emphasized the importance of collaboration with customers and suppliers, and urged all EPSEA staff to work together towards progress. He elaborated on how the company and its employees can reach new heights. The company is already a leader in the domestic industry, with leading technical, production, and marketing capabilities. From the company level, EPSEA has become a leader in the domestic industry, whether it is technical strength, production strength or marketing channels in the leading position, the next goal is to continue to forge ahead in the international arena, committed to building an international quality enterprise; on the level of individual employees, he hoped that everyone can be active and progressive, in personal growth, job promotion, and sales performance, etc. every year to a new level!

Personnel Appointment

New Promotion: Talent is the hope of the company, and we look forward to a new future at EPSEA.  The following positions were appointed:Team leader/Supervisor ,CORE Management and Director .


Excellent Commendation: Commendation: May all efforts be rewarded, and may all hard work pay off.

Best Newcomer Award,model worker ,Star of Technology ,Advanced worker ,contributions to the Long March (e.g. military) ,Best Team Award ,Sales Progress Award ,Elite Sales Award ,Outstanding Sales Award ,Excellent customer service ,Special Progress Award ,Most Growth Award ,Outstanding Performance Award ,Outstanding Performance Award ,Flagship Award in General Practice.

Art Performance

The annual meeting's grand ceremony was filled with joy as colleagues celebrated EPSEA's brilliant achievements from the previous year and expressed confident expectations for the coming year. With the company's core management team offering their blessings, the entire audience raised their glasses in a toast and began the evening party.

Lucky Draw

Interspersed with a variety of rich prizes, cash draws guest blessings, etc., we all enjoyed the party ceremony.

EPSEA's common aspiration will lead to new success in 2024!
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