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2023-12-31 22:27:40

【EPSEA NEWS】Forging ahead and creating excellence|EPSEA 2023 Review and Outlook

Shouldering responsibility and commitment, carrying mission and vision. Looking back to 2023, it is a year full of challenges, but also a year of enterprising. We have made extraordinary achievements in every important area of enterprise development, such as technological innovation, hardware upgrading, channel improvement, and talent expansion.

With the support of many partners and the joint efforts of EPSEA people, the annual performance achieved 23.6% growth. The annual revenue of Guangdong and Fujian EPSEA exceeded 300 million RMB, and the tax payment exceeded 10 million yuan.

EPSEA Marketing & R D Center moved into the 1800㎡ office building of Songshan Lake Intelligent Valley.

The construction of EPSEA Pressure Vessel Special Equipment Plant (Plant 2) started, and the total area of the full chain manufacturing center will reach 80,000+ ㎡ after the completion of the plant.

The R&D center project jointly built by Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College, Fujian EPSEA and Fujian Wuping Vocational College was successfully signed and implemented.

In the pursuit of excellence in service and quality, standardized processes are a crucial weapon. And being a participant in the development of standards represents a pivotal authority and position in the industry. EPSEA has participated in the drafting of a total of 7 national/industry standards. In the current year, the number of national standards drafted and released for implementation reaches 3 national standards.

At present, EPSEA has been recognized by many governmental and official institutions: National High-tech Enterprise, Innovative Enterprise, Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprise, Science “little giant” firms and Pressure Vessel Special Equipment Production License, etc. In the year of 2023, EPSEA was awarded with 8 municipal and provincial honors.

As an excellent enterprise in the field of compressed air system products. EPSEA will continue to innovate and bring better products to users without forgetting the original intention and strive for excellence. In 2023, EPSEA launched three new products to the market: LASER CUTTING NITROGEN GENERATOR, GEN 6 SUPER COLD AIR DRYER, MODULAR ADSORPTION AIR DRYER.

The new development pattern of double cycle and mutual promotion in domestic and international markets. In 2023, EPSEA will further expand the territory of national branches and take the initiative to lay out the overseas market with a pace that is not aggressive but not conservative. Five sales and service branches in China and two Factory Warehouse & Service Center abroad have been established.

Newly introduced more than 50 people of various types of talent throughout the year. Currently has a total of 500+ employees, including 52 people in the R&D and marketing center, 336 people in the Fujian factory, and 153 people in the global branch system,.The new generation is gradually growing.

Looking to the future, there are infinite possibilities. The second factory of EPSEA is expected to be completed and put into production in the second half of 2024. The total area of the full chain of manufacturing centers will reach 80,000+㎡ square meters by that time. The global layout will also continue...

Domestic layout is planned to add 3 sales branches:
Xinjiang Urumqi、Harbin、Taiyuan, Shanxi province.

Overseas plans to develop warehousing service centers in 5 countries:
UAE, South Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Russia.

Looking forward to the continuation of the 2024 EPSEA excitement!
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