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2023-12-27 22:20:05

【EPSEA PRODUCTS】Modular Series Air Dryer Newly Launched

Modular Series Air Dryer Industry Outlook
With the steady development of air compressed industry in recent years, the modular air dryer, with its novel structure, excellent performance and outstanding competitiveness, has gradually been favored by users, the market capacity keeps expanding.

In terms of quality, the reliability of product operation and the improvement of low pressure and dew point stability by average shunt technology make modular air dryer become first choose.

From the aspect of differentiation competition, compared with the traditional twin-tower air dryer, the modular series has obvious advantages in product differentiation.It does not belong to the annual inspection of pressure vessels, high efficiency of adsorbent utilization, blizzard filling technology to make dew point more stable and so on.

From added value,energy saving and lower maintenance costs is also the advantage of modular air dryers.

Therefore, the future development of modular product is very considerable.

Newly Launched

EPSEA has successfully launched the “Modular Series” of OCEAN BLUE EQM models through continuous research, testing and improvement.

Highlights of the new product
Structural upgrade - tight seal without leakage
Performance upgrade - guaranteed pressure dew point
Quality upgrade - two-year warranty, worry-free
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