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2024-05-31 18:30:49

【Technical】Filter & Separation live content

First, the service life of oil separator element is very different, ranging from 3000 to 12000 hours, what factors determine its life at the design and manufacturing level?
  1. Whether inlet speed and rising speed of oil-gas barrel are reasonable is one of the important factors affecting separation effect of oil separator elements.
  2. Oil separator unit area processing flow rate is basically fixed in a range, the design of the margin is large, and the oil life will be relatively long.
  3. Selection of filter brand and filter material are also crucial, a good filter material with reasonable filter material will be low differential pressure and life long
  4. In the production, the tightness of filter material winding or whether it is lost during folding, and whether the bottom cover is clean during gluing will affect the service life of oil separator elements.

 Second, what are the advantages and disadvantages of winding, folding and composite oil separator elements? How should the user choose the right model? 
  1. With more layers of winding oil separator, which has the advantages of low cost, low initial oil content and strong control over oil content. The disadvantage is high differential pressure in the later period and the life is relatively short.
  2. The layers number of folding oil separator filter material has about 5-7, which has a relatively large surface area. The advantage is initial low differential pressure and life long.The disadvantages is high cost,oil content control is weak and the oil content may be high.
  3. Composite oil separator sets the advantages of winding and folding, long life, low oil content, filtration is mainly to balance the relationship between differential pressure and filtration effect, composite oil separator is the best representative of balance, the disadvantage is high cost.
About selection: Winding oil separator is usually suitable for less than 150HP or laser cutting, winding oil separator is a common choice when the life is 4000H; Folding oil separator is often used for customers who have strict requirements on maintenance time and differential pressure, such as the use time of 6000-8000H; Composite oil content is generally the air compressor working condition is not good, such as the air compressor low pressure operation, oil temperature is relatively high, or the customer needs the air compressor maintenance time of more than 8000H

Third, the common faults of oil separator element include running oil, high pressure drop, dropped cap, deformed, etc. What are the causes of these faults? What is the relationship with the quality of oil separator element itself? From the technical and production point of view, how to ensure the quality stability of oil separator element?
  1. Oil separator element running oil is related to the type of lubricat, whether the air compressor is low-pressure operation, whether the air compressor lubricat is high temperature, whether the air compressor oil-gas barrel pre-separation design is reasonable, the quality of oil separator element filter material and the filter material collocation, and the oil separator element production process control, etc.
  2.  pressure drop is related to oil-gas barrel pre-separation, cleanliness of lubricat oil, oil temperature and filter material collocation
  3. Oil separator dropped cap is related to whether the ratio of oil separator glue is appropriate, and whether the bottom cap is clean before gluing.
  4. Oil separator deformation is related to whether the lubricating is very dirty, whether the machine is turned on in winter according to the operation process and whether the strength of the  middle net is enough.
From the technical point of view, there should be specific and reasonable corresponding plans according to the specific application, the oil separator process should be reasonably designed from the source, the incoming material must be inspected, the production process should be based on the standard operating procedures (SOP) to the production, the production process to strengthen the inspection, and adhere to the finished product final inspection system.

Fourth, what factors affect the service life of oil separator element in actual use?
  1. Lubricat type and cleanliness of lubricat.
  2. The environment around the air compressor: such as whether there is much dust around, whether it is too humid, whether there is corrosive gas around.
  3. Whether the filtration precision of air compressor air filter is appropriate (up to F7 and above)
  4. Whether the oil temperature of the air compressor is too high or too low.

 Five, what causes an oil separator/air compressor to catch fire and burn? How to prevent this phenomenon from happening? 
  1. The cause of air compressor fire may be air compressor electrical aging, air compressor mechanical failure high temperature
  2. Air compressor internal compressed gas flow at high speed, through the oil is very easy to generate static electricity, if not released in time, easy to catch fire.
How to eliminate: air compressor condition should be compliant, such as good grounding, the design of the oil separator of the air flow rate should be appropriate, the conductive sheet must be installed, and each oil separator should determine whether it is conductive.

 Sixth, in actual use, how to correctly maintain and care for the air compressor, in order to extend its service life and maintain the filtration effect? 
  1. Air filter should regularly check the differential pressure indicator, regularly backblow (to use the correct backblow mode, can’t directly use high pressure gas close to the filter material blowing), if the surrounding environment is poor, to increase the cleaning frequency.
  2. If found that the oil filter differential pressure is high, should be replaced in time.
  3. Regularly observe whether the oil is dirty.

 Seventh, cheap air filter and oil filter mainly from what aspects to save the cost? Whether the air filter and the oil filter have a direct effect on the oil separator element? 
  1. The filter material of cheap air filter or oil filter is generally semi-adhesive paper, or use unknown brand filter material.
  2. The fold number of cheap air filter or oil filter material is generally less.
  3. The selected metal mesh material is poor and the thickness is also thin and light.
  4. Cheap air filter or oil filter glue binder is also cheap and poor quality.

Eighth, what is the correlation between selection and matching of filter paper and performance of oil separator element? What is the difference between heavy-duty oil separators and conventional oil separators?
  1. The separation effect of oil separator is not the higher the accuracy, the better, high precision oil separator clogging fast, separation effect will be worse. So the precision of filtration should be based on the specific airflow rate to choose the right filter material to match, which can ensure the separation effect of the oilseparator,initial differential pressure is low, differential pressure growth will also be slower.
  2. Heavy duty oil will choose the filter material with better separation effect, through special manufacturing and processing technology, strengthen the control of oil content, increase the filtration area, longer life, lower differential pressure.

Ninth, what are the technical characteristics of epsea filter & separation? What are the competitive advantage over other similar products?
  1. The selected filter material is the global industry first-line brands, such as HV, RAND, etc
  2. The reference technical standards are Donaldson, Man, ParKer and other first-line multinational companies
  3. We have self-designed oil content test platform, which can customize oil content, air filter and oil filter and other products with low differential pressure, low oil content and long life according to requirements of customers.
  4. Our production process has system control, key production equipment is developed by ourselves or in cooperation with manufacturers, such as winding machine is developed by ourselves, our products have good stability, low pressure differential and long life
  5. We will cooperate with the first-line filter brand manufacturers to participate in the discussion and development of composite filter materials that are more suitable for our needs.

Tenth, what is the future development trend of oil separator element technology?
  1. Filter manufacturers will develop new filter materials, such as metal fiber, lower differential pressure and better filtration effect.
  2. With the rise of contract energy management and gas sales, the life of oil separator element may be required to reach 16,000 hours.
  3. Filter materials from other industries may also be used in the air compressor industry, such as the air filter of chemical fiber filter materials, the air permeability is the same as that of wood pulp paper F7 filter materials, but the filtration effect is F9, and service life can exceed 4000 hours.
  4. il filter uses glass fiber synthetic fiber, the life span will be more than 4000 hours.
  5. In order to meet the higher demand of users and market, the future oil separator element technology will develop towards a lower pressure difference, lower oil content and longer life.
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