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EPSEA | ComVac ASIA 2018 Exhibition Review
Publisher:admin Release time:2018-12-12 10:21:43

On November 6-9, 2018, Guangdong EPSEA Industrial Co., Ltd. and EPSEA Filtration Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. jointly exhibited at the Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition (ComVac ASIA) held by Shanghai New International Expo Center.

At the ComVac ASIA, EPSEA successfully demonstrated low-energy, high-environment, cost-effective compressed air after-treatment products and solutions, including the newly developed Youqiao 5th generation super cold The environmentally-friendly refrigerating dryer, the modular PSA nitrogen generator and the heavy-duty oil and gas separation core attract the attention of many visitors.

At the exhibition site, there are a lot of visitors to the EPSEA booth, including companies that have already entered into strategic cooperation with EPSEA, customers who are deeply communicating and about to cooperate fully, as well as various professional audiences, visiting delegations and many international companies. Friends, they all have a strong interest in our products, have consulted our company's various products mechanical performance, price and request samples, and our staff are also full of passion to answer one by one, the atmosphere is very enthusiastic.

As we all know, ComVac ASIA is already a feast for the giants in China and the global compressor industry. We are very honored that EPSEA can participate in the competition with the products of “Efficient, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection” and compete with the industry players! Through ComVac ASIA,EPSEA can better display its latest technologies and products, promote our brand and culture, and at the same time get close contact with a wide range of professional audiences to understand their needs to the greatest extent and facilitate their own realization. From service concept to product technology innovation and breakthrough, it will further contribute to the development of China's compressor industry.

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