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“Guangdong Province’s contract-keeping contract”
Publisher:admin Release time:2018-07-12 16:17:34

Recently, after a special inspection and selection of the Dongguan Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guangdong Province, Guangdong epsea Industrial Co., Ltd. (“EPSEA”) won the “Guangdong Province’s contract-keeping contract” with years of good faith management and good contract performance.

Integrity is the foundation of EPSEA, and keeping the contract and credit is the engine of EPSEA growth. Since its inception, EPSEA has always integrated the spirit of contract into every aspect of payment services, and established the most harmonious cooperation relationship with customers, suppliers, investors and other partners on the basis of good faith, and maintained a good development. situation. In the future, EPSEA will continue to improve the contract management and credit management system, and achieve "win-win" economic and social benefits with the majority of partners.

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